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Open Heart Red WineOpen Heart Red Wine

Open Heart | Red Wine | Custom Archival Giclee Prints

Ink & Red Wine



Print Size (Inches) | 10w x 8h

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Custom archival giclee print

Let it in. It only hurts for a minute, then it’s pure love and joy.

How I Made This

I encourage you all to open your hearts to what this life has to offer. This piece is about unlocking your purpose and acting from love. The Artist’s cousin, Ava, put it best when she described this piece:

“…Shows strength and love. No matter how damaged your heart can become, you will come back stronger. Keeping yourself open for pain is hard, but makes you stronger. The heart is shining through the doors – even when in pain, you persevere with those that love you…”

Let it in.

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